About Us

After a fifteen year career in corporate America and having had my third child I longed to start a business to allow me to be creative, independent, and work from home. Thus 23 years ago I started “Childhood Dreams” where I designed handcrafted children’s furniture, doll houses, American doll wardrobes, and play houses for the growing population of young children.

As these children grew up and my market changed, I began to sell custom personalized jewelry including pendants, rings, earrings, and accessories. Over the years I added custom-made trays, hand-painted wooden signs, women’s vests, and personalized wool pillows.

My most recent addition to the product line is the “woolyoubemine” line of handmade wool bags. From the spinning and dying of the individual wool colors, to the weaving of the bags, tanning of the leather straps and final assembly, everything is made in the USA.

Choosing from a broad range of base colors, and an infinite amount of imagination each individual can design a unique means of personal expression. Initials, numbers, and icons are used to represent your specific style and interests. Choose your size, choose your color, choose your symbol and design a functional, high quality accessory that is uniquely yours. For yourself, or a gift for a friend or family member, each bag is one of a kind.

I welcome the opportunity to service all your gift needs and help you find something that is uniquely yours.

Warm regards,

Grace B. (Mimi) Fleming